Terms of Sales

General conditions of sale - tractor fees for January 1, 2020



Any purchase order for the following supplies, equipment or goods, however ordered, in any form or place, shall be subject to the following general conditions of sale for electronic commerce:

(1) Applicable.

This general terms and conditions apply to all orders to massilia dental, epheris service 2 Descartes building in extendo 13127 vitamins. RCS: 502 262 306 00017 www.epheris.com。 The validity of this order is final only after one or more orders in question have been accepted by massilia dental, which is sent by email.

"Site" Epiris "It is the sole responsibility of:

SARL massilia dental, 2 Descartes foundation in extendo 13127 vitolles Tel: Siret 5022623060025 N°TVA FR85 502262306.


(2) Purpose.

These general conditions apply to the sale of equipment ("equipment") and consumer goods ("products").

Massilia dental – epheris reserves the right to change the supply of materials or products at any time and at any time. Massilia dental epheris cannot be held responsible for any loss of inventory. Massilia dental epheris reserves the right to correct errors that may appear on its business documents or on its website at any time without prior notice: www.epheris.com Page: 1 It's mainly about price or quantity. Photos of the website are not contractual, but as close as possible to the items listed. The colors of products, equipment or furniture may vary. Only the image indicating the manufacturer's exact brand, product name and the items cited will have the contract effect. If the color is not specified or the customer has no choice, It remains at the discretion of the manufacturer and cannot be regarded as a rejection of an order or cancellation of an order after the fact. The image of this website is still informative for the selection of an article. More specifically, customers must approach massilia dental, epheris service epheris,


(3) Orders.

Massilia dental – epheris reserves the right to reject orders without appeal.

Any modification of the order must be agreed in writing by massilia dental epheris and may result in changes in price and execution. If the order is cancelled, there is no reason or after shipment, massilia dental – epheris may retain it as damages, 25% plus port charges if the order has been issued. All unreferenced online customer orders can only be executed immediately on site or with the consent of massilia dental epheris. The buyer will be kept informed of the follow-up of his order.


time limit

The time limit for delivery is indicative. The vast majority of delivery time is 24 hours to 48 hours. The buyer may choose to cancel all orders within 8 working days, or cancel the said items, or accept partial delivery, or wait for its order to complete delivery. If there is delay, no compensation will be made. If the buyer pays by electronic means at the time of the order, the full amount of the dispute will be returned to the buyer according to the choice of the parties regarding the time limit or rupture of one or more goods.

If the customer accepts the late delivery after receiving notice from massilia dental - epheris sends and maintains the order by mail or letter, the order cannot be cancelled or a fine will be imposed.

"Items sold on site" Epiris "Priority mailing and tracking, delivery time depends on the carrier's responsiveness and cannot be attributed to massilia dental epheris. Port charges are free in France ("metropolitan" and "Corsica"), starting at 20 euros.


(4) Execute command:

At the time of delivery, if the product is defective, the customer is obliged to inform massilia dental – epheris of the defects found by email: contact information Otherwise, you will lose all the requirements for the guarantee Shipping time is indicative only and no compensation or cancellation is applicable to late orders.

After clicking the button, the buyer considers the order as accepted.

The profile sent to the site will be used exclusively by massilia dental – epheris to send orders and will never be saved. The customer's bank coordinates have never been stored in our customer database. We use a fully secure payment system In the command, the client creates its own account and only has its own access coordinates.


(5) Risk transfer.

After receiving the delivery, if there is a problem during the placing of the order, the reservation should be clearly and detailed by e-mail, in some cases, the reservation should be confirmed by registered mail within 3 days. You will be asked to take five digital images to be inserted into the application document, namely the word "to be disassembled", as it has no legal effect or any inaccurate booking of the condition of the goods does not guarantee the provision of alternative services. In any case, the goods will be returned to the packaging by the customer, and the freight will be returned to the customer upon receipt of the defective items and analyzed by massilia dental epheris.

If the buyer specifically indicates "properly packed but damaged equipment" or any comment attempting to exonerate the carrier from liability, please obtain a digital image from the packaging. If the package does not exist or is defective, no alternative service is provided.

Massilia dental – epheris recommends that you reject any delivery with serious damage and inform massilia dental – epheris immediately: contact@epheris.com.



Unless otherwise agreed, the price will be reviewed and the material will be charged based on the price in effect on the date of delivery or fulfillment of the order. The price published on the website at the time of the order is final, expressed in Euro (or pound sterling) and includes all taxes under the French tax system. Massilia dental epheris reserves the right to change the price at any time without prior notice. The French VAT rate is 20%.

For countries outside the European community, the special application of taxes and port charges will be examined on the basis of the specific circumstances of the countries involved.


(7) Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the price of materials and products shall be paid at the end of the on-site order. Epiris By PayPal, check, transfer, credit card or Mastercard phone or our headquarters: massilia dental 2 deadlock Descartes building in extendo 13127 vitolles


In case of dispute, only the Commercial Court of Aix in Provence, France, has jurisdiction.