Who are we ?


Epheris.com belongs to the Massilia Dental Group located at 2 Impasse Descartes 13127 VITROLLES. Phone contact@epheris.com


Massilia Dental was created on September 4, 2004. Its main activity is the sale of dental products only for professionals.



The Massilia Dental group:

With more than 20 years of training in dentistry, the manager decided to change his status to create the company Massilia Dental in 2007.

Today the world is changing enormously and it is important to structure the activity, immobility is the death of any business, naturally the choice was made to turn to the diversification of the activity.

The commerce of tomorrow will be mainly online except of course the food, structural or personal service trade.

What is the relationship between the dental world and generalist trade?

None but yet many points are in common except the products.

Our ambition: Simplify your purchases, bring customers and products closer together, ensure maximum service, make sales human.

To meet these challenges, epheris.com is organized around its parent company and renowned and European partners, manufacturers and carriers.


Organization of the group on January 1, 2020.

Massilia Dental is responsible for the general management of the Group. It has several sales entities.

Massilia Dental:

massiliadental.fr Specialized in the sale of products and materials for dental professionals. On-site sales in business and online. Rating: 4.9 / 5 stars for customer service.



amphéris.com Online and on-site sale of patented and unique toothbrushes. Exclusive importation of the Silver Care brand in France. Sale to individuals of professional quality products.


Victoria Distribution:

Online sale of dental hygiene products on Marketplaces.




epheris.com Online sale of general products for individuals.

All our products are originals, we ship from our platforms in France, Spain, Italy or Germany. We do not work directly with China, we control and choose the quality of our items, manufacturers and wholesalers.

We have taken out a contract to secure your payments, we offer payment in installments at no cost to facilitate your purchases and allow you to acquire a superior product without putting your budget in difficulty.


Why trust us ?

We are all consumers and like everyone else we pay attention to the price and origin of products.

We are a FRENCH company, based in Provence, you can find us easily, you can visit us, we will share a friendly coffee; you can call us, we will advise you.

Selling is very easy, but taking responsibility after the sale is much more complicated!

Our payment methods are fully secure, we offer you payment in 2, 3 or 4 times free of charge, quickly and safely.

We work with carriersfamous, it is a little more expensive for us but we know that youwill be delivered correctly. It is also our difference.



We are not the cheapest even if we pay a lot of attention to our selling prices, however you can count on us for the slightest problem, we answer the phone directly.

We preserve jobs in France, we pay all our taxes and levies in France, we fight for the environment. The quality of the planet is the heritage of our children and grandchildren.

We have been supporting an NGO for the protection of children for over 18 years without advertising, which may seem trivial to us becomes important to them. This too constitutes our human values.

See you soon.


Epheris - Massilia Dental Group

2 Impasse Descartes

In Extenso building




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VAT: FR85 502 262 306